Travelling with minors

In order to ensure that minors do not travel without the permission of the parent or legal guarding, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee can check this. A minor who plans to travel unaccompanied or accompanied by someone other than their parents, must therefore carry the following documents with them:

  • A valid passport;
  • Documentation showing who their parents are or legal guardian is, like a family record book, birth certificate or court ruling;
  • A Compulsory Education Form, if the minor is travelling during a school term;
  • Written permission by means of a signed Letter of Permission and a copy of the parents’ or guardian's passports. The letter is available at the bottom of this page;
  • If the minor travels accompanied by an escort, the Letter of Permission must include the name of the escort.

Please note:

If only one of the parents accompanies the child, they must always carry documentation with them showing they have parental authority over the child.

If the parents have joint parental authority over the child, the parent travelling with the child must have a letter of permission (hard-copy) with them, signed by the other parent, to be able to travel with the minor.

In cases where the minor no longer lives with the parents, the guardian must be able to submit documentation showing that they have custody of the child concerned.