Training for Customs/CN trainees in full swing

The Customs/CN trainees are busy training to become full-fledged customs officials. The 10 trainees follow the Task-oriented C training course, which consists of three main parts: the module Extraordinary police officer (BAVPOL), the module Basic technical skills Customs C officer and the module Task-oriented learning and working.

Opleiding aspiranten Douane

The training started in October 2023 and has a duration of 9 months, taking into account school holidays and days off.

During the training, trainees are taught various subjects such as:

  • Extraordinary police officer (BAVPOL): criminal law and criminal procedure, attitude and self-control, reports and actions;
  • Integrated vocational training (IBT): violence management techniques;
  • Arrest and self-defense (AZV): baton, handcuffs and pepper spray;
  • Weaponry and shooting skills;
  • BES Customs and Excise Act (DABES): tariff, customs value, exemptions, official powers, traveler's luggage and excise duty;
  • Special laws in the field of safety, health, economy and environment (VGEM): (Fire) Weapons Act, Medicines Act, Liquid Assets Legislation, CITES/Basics of Nature Management and Protection Act BES, Opium Act 1960 BES, Veterinary and Commodities Act;
  • Other subjects such as Dutch and Asycuda World (this is the system that customs uses to register all the resources they use).

If the three modules have been completed successfully, the trainees will be appointed customs officers. They will then receive a 'Professional examination for appointment as a C Customs officer' certificate. The graduated customs officers are then deployed to the Caribbean Netherlands, some of whom are based on Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire.

Opleiding aspiranten Douane