Opening of the New Foreigners' Department in the JICN

The official opening of the new detention department for foreigners at the Correctional Institution Caribbean Netherlands (JICN) took place today. This event marks a milestone in the care and detention conditions for foreigners on Bonaire.

Opening van de nieuwe Vreemdelingenafdeling in de JICN

During the opening ceremony, speakers emphasized the importance of dignity, safety, and re-integration within the detention system. "The JICN is a fully-fledged institution based on the principles of relational security and procedural justice," said Toon Molleman, deputy division director of prison and immigration detention. "We aim to achieve more than just retribution."

The new department is specially designed to meet modern detention requirements. It offers sufficient living space, good sanitary facilities, ventilation, and access to fresh air. Adequate medical care and psychological support are also available. All of this contributes to a safe and humane detention environment.

The efforts of many involved, both locally and from the European Netherlands, have made this progress possible. "This is a real milestone," said State Secretary Eric van der Burg. "My compliments to everyone who contributed to this new facility."

The opening of this department underscores the ongoing commitment to treat foreigners on Bonaire in a humane and just manner.