Two new Local Commanders for fire brigade on Bonaire

From the first of October 2022, the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department (Brandweerkorps Caribisch Nederland, BKCN), location Bonaire, will be under the leadership of not one, but two new Local Commanders. Following the departure of the last Local Commander, Reynold Janga, this position was deputised by Gravey Anthonij. Thammy Albertsz and Gravey Anthonij will now carry out the role of Local Commander as a shared position.

BKCN Lokaal commandanten

To perform the position of commander in a duo form is unique within the fire brigade. This form was chosen because the fire brigade is undergoing more and more developments. For instance, new roster systems and terms of employment are being implemented and training courses for firefighters are being organised with increasing frequency to further professionalise the force. Albertsz and Anthonij look forward to managing these developments together. The shared commandership also offers both officers the opportunity to further develop as leaders in the fire brigade.

Thammy Albertsz joined the BKCN in 2018. As enthusiastic young professional, she takes on this new challenge full of fresh energy:

"It is an honour to fulfil the role of Local Commander of Bonaire together with Gravey. Together we will take on this beautiful challenge, not only in the interest of the force, but in the interest of the safety of Bonaire, together with our chain partners."

Gravey Anthonij has been with the fire brigade for 25 years, of which he has deputised the position of Local Commander for the past two years. His long career within the force, as well as in other fire services, has provided him with a lot of knowledge and experience. He is happy to share these on the work floor and will thus make a positive contribution to developments within the fire brigade.

The BKCN is proud that this construction has been made possible and that Albertsz and Anthonij will be able to further develop the force on Bonaire together.