Safety house Bonaire continues

The Safety House Bonaire exists since March 2015. The grant provided by the Central  Government to the ‘Stichting Reclassering Caribisch Nederland’ is deployed to hire a process manager. This process manager brings all parties together collaborating with the Safety House.

Veiligheidshuis Bonaire gaat verder
Image: Cristian Newman

The name suggests a building or shelter but that's not the case. The Safety House is a cooperation of 15 different organizations. Those are all organizations working in health care, justice, education and governance (OLB). They jointly address the issues concerning domestic violence, dysfunctional families, youth problems, aftercare after detention and nuisance situations. With these kinds of problems, various organizations and chains are necessary to achieve good solutions.

After the first successful pilot phase of two years, in 2017 again a grant has been provided for three years. In the subsidies the islands of Saba and Sint Eustatius are included as well. Herewith the Safety House gets the chance to continue working on the complicated cases. It is being investigated to what extent the Public Entity Bonaire can take over the management of the ‘safety home’ from the Probation Foundation Bonaire in due course