Submitting a complaint

The ZVK has a complaints procedure. Are you dissatisfied with our service or do you feel you have not been treated correctly by one of our staff members? You may lodge a complaint with the ZVK.

This can be done in writing or verbally. In both cases, we kindly ask that you complete the complaints form. The complaints form can be obtained from the ZVK or downloaded here. The form can be sent to or dropped off at the ZVK.

The ZVK will process your complaint as quickly as possible. We aim to provide an answer within the legal period of six weeks. If a detailed investigation appears to be necessary, the handling might take more time and ZVK will contact you.

If you are not satisfied with the processing of your complaint, then you may submit it to the grievance committee of the ZVK. This committee meets if there is reason to do so. The committee consists of a medical specialist, a lawyer and an independent chairman. If your complaint concerns a care provider, then this care provider must join the committee. If this does not result in a satisfactory solution either, then you can submit your complaint to the National Ombudsman.

Each care provider must also have a complaints procedure. If you feel you have not been dealt with correctly by a care provider or a staff member, you may submit a complaint with the care provider.