In order to be eligible for the BES healthcare insurance, you must register with the Health Insurance Office (ZVK. A registration form can be obtained from the ZVK or the form can be downloaded here. There are a number of regulations and conditions connected to a registration. The most important conditions are:


Newborns and minors are registered with an extract from the population register. This extract must at least state the nationality.

Registration based on residency

A person can register if they reside on one of the islands legally and have a sedula.

Registration based on a residence permit or a declaration by law

A person with a declaration by law or a residence permit for a fixed or undetermined period can register for the time of the permit.

Registration based on an application for continuation of residence permit

A person who has requested an extension or continuation of their permit from the IND can register until the application has been decided irrevocably.

Registration based on an employment agreement

A person with an employment agreement of which the salary is subject to the BES payroll tax Act can register for the duration of the employment agreement.

A person with a Provisional Residence Permit (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf, mvv)

A person with a Provisional Residence Permit (Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf, mvv) cannot be registered as an insured person and therefore is not entitled to healthcare. Only if these persons have a residence permit from the IND can they be registered with the ZVK.