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Implementation ZVK charter flights Saba – St. Maarten

The decision to start with charter flights directly from Saba to St. Maarten vise versa as of March 4th stems from grievances ...

News item | 07-03-2019 | 16:34

Extractions reimbursed by SZW

From now on, the RCN unit Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) reimburses tooth extractions for residents of Bonaire with a low ...

News item | 01-10-2018 | 22:16

Cooperation OLB-ZVK-BIA makes Bonaire more wheelchair friendly

With the introduction of the Passenger Boarding Ramp at the Flamingo International Airport, Bonaire has become more ...

News item | 18-09-2018 | 20:31

Information session for foster parents

On August 22nd Jeugdzorg en Gezinsvoogdij (JGCN) organized an information session for foster parents on Bonaire. The JGCN ...

News item | 24-08-2018 | 22:55

Health insurance office BES signs agreement with FKBO

The “Wet Maatschappelijke Ondersteuning (Social Support Act, WMO) which is applicable in the European Netherlands, doesn’t exist ...

News item | 13-07-2018 | 18:08

State Secretary Blokhuis: "Working together on better care for all children, adults and the elderly at Saba"

Saba gets this and next year $ 76,000 extra for public health, totalling $ 152,000. This is what Secretary of State Paul Blokhuis ...

News item | 26-06-2018 | 21:28

State Secretary Blokhuis visits the Caribbean

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (VWS, Health, Welfare and Sport ) will visit a number of care facilities on Saba and St. Eustatius ...

News item | 21-06-2018 | 16:57

Two dentists from April 6th for 4 months on Saba

The Health Care Insurance Office Caribbean Netherlands (ZVK) is pleased to announce that as of April 6th, two dentists - Thomas ...

News item | 04-04-2018 | 22:46

ZVK considering alternatives for treatment in hospital Aruba

Due to circumstances of a technical nature, Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital of Aruba has canceled all surgical procedures for the ...

News item | 23-03-2018 | 00:00

State Secretary Blokhuis visits health care facilities Caribbean Netherlands and Colombia

State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (Health, Welfare and Sport) (VWS), is visiting Aruba, Bonaire,Curaçao and Colombia from Tuesday, ...

News item | 09-02-2018 | 19:44

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