Medical referral

If a medically required treatment is not available on your island, you are entitled to a medical referral. This is a referral to a care provider in the region designated by the ZVK with whom the ZVK has a contract. At this time, the ZVK has contracts with care providers on Curaçao, Aruba, St. Maarten, Saint Martin, Guadeloupe and in Colombia. For a medical referral, prior permission from the ZVK is required unless it is an emergency. Your attending physician will request this permission from the ZVK and will receive a decision from ZVK as well as possible reasons for denial.

Travel and accommodations

With medical referrals the ZVK office on your island arranges the travel and accommodations and the necessary guarantee statements for treatment and examination.


The ZVK reimburses the expenses of medically necessary examinations and treatments. For a medical referral, the following reimbursements also apply:

  • a daily reimbursement for yourself and for your companion, if any;
  • the expenses of your flight and the flight of your companion, if any;
  • airport taxes;
  • transport expenses to the airport of departure, from the airport of arrival to your destination and vice versa;
  • hotel expenses; or
  • accommodation expenses for staying with family or friends.


Upon advice by your physician, it is possible that you will be provided with a companion for the duration of the entire medical referral or a required part of it. After prior permission from the ZVK, there is entitlement to companionship if an insured person:

  • is younger than 18 years of age;
  • has a mental limitation;
  • has reduced mobility and uses a medical device to move;
  • has a visual or auditory limitation;
  • is so seriously ill that travel without a companion is not possible;
  • is being referred for a child-birth.

After prior permission from the ZVK, an insured minor may be accompanied by two companions. This is permitted if the insured minor:

  • is terminally ill;
  • is being treated with chemotherapy;
  • suffers from leukaemia.
  • is in a life-threatening situation according to a statement from the attending physician.

Be prepared

Are you being sent on a medical referral? Make sure you are well informed! Download your brochure below: