Non-insured persons

Persons who match one of the descriptions below cannot submit a claim to the BES healthcare insurance.

  1. Students from outside of the BES territory: you are only residing on the BES islands to study.
  2. Intern or au pair: you are residing on the BES islands for an internship or as an au pair.
  3. Sent from the Netherlands: you are working for a Dutch organisation governed by public law on the BES islands. Your spouse and residing family members are not insured either, unless they are employed on the BES islands.
  4. Working outside of the BES territory for three months: you reside on the BES islands but work for a consecutive period of at least three months outside of the BES territory. If you are employed by an employer resides or is established on the BES islands, then you are insured.
  5. Employed by a Dutch employer: you reside in the Netherlands and work on the BES islands for an employer who resides or is established in the Netherlands.
  6. No residence permit or declaration by law: you reside on the BES islands without a declaration by law, a temporary residence permit or a residence permit for an indefinite period.
  7. Insured in the Netherlands: you are insured in the Netherlands under the Long-Term Care Act. (Wet langdurige zorg) and are subject to compulsory insurance under the Healthcare Insurance Act (Zorgverzekeringswet).
  8. Employed on BES territory for three months: you are employed temporarily (for a period of a maximum of three months) on the BES islands, but you do not reside there and your salary is not subject to BES payroll tax.

Note: Have you been absent for more than 8 months? Please report this to your Registry Office service.