Special regulations

The offer and quality of care in the BES is still developing. It is not always possible to offer the desired care immediately. This is why a number of special regulations have been laid down in the BES Healthcare Insurance Claims Regulation, such as:

Right to care or transport

Your right to care or transport is only valid if you have been referred, keeping in mind your need and the appropriate provision of care. You are only entitled to care or transport that can reasonably be provided.

Article 10, paragraph 4

You are free to request permission to consult a care provider who does not have a contract with the ZVK. In that case, you must claim Article 10 paragraph 4 of the BES Healthcare Insurance Decree.

Article 10, paragraph 4, states that if the care involved is available locally or in the region with a contracted care provider, you as an insured person will be referred to a contracted care provider. However, if it is your explicit desire as insured person to nevertheless go to a non-contracted care provider, you may consult Article 10 paragraph 4 of the Decree. Your treatment will then not involve a medical referral, and the medical expenses must be paid in advance by yourself as the insured person. With this, the reimbursement of your treatment is maximized at the price level of the treatment in the region or in the Netherlands.