Dental care

Dental care is the care of and repairs on your teeth. Insured persons up to 18 years of age are entitled to the complete package of dental care and oral care.

For insured persons 18 years of age and older, the following is reimbursed: removable prostheses, treatments that are needed medically and surgical dental assistance and the related X-ray examinations. Surgery on the gums, simple extractions and implants are not reimbursed.

As from 1 January 2015, orthodontics is no longer reimbursed. Treatments initiated in 2014 of insured persons who were younger than 18 years of age at that time will be completed. The maximum reimbursement is $2500 for a fixed appliance and $500 for a removable appliance.

If the insured person does not follow the dentist's instructions or severely neglects mouth hygiene, dental assistance will not be reimbursed.