Availability of medical devices

Availability of medical devices entails the provision of medical devices. This includes, in summary:

  • Prostheses
  • Medical devices for contraception
  • Dressings
  • Hypodermic syringes
  • Medical devices for sight, hearing, mobility or respiration
  • Medical devices for diabetes
  • Care products
  • Medical devices for long-term compensation of loss of function in blood and lymphatic vessels or in arms, hands and fingers
  • Medical devices for chronic pain
  • Medical devices for communication and signage
  • Medical devices for the administration of nourishment or intravenous infusion
  • Furnishing elements for modifying residences
  • Means and expenses of home dialysis

A detailed overview of the medical devices that you are entitled to use can be found in the BES Healthcare Insurance Claims Regulation, section 7, Article 1.7.5-1.7.31.

For certain medical devices, a personal contribution may be required. Altering, replacing or restoring medical devices is included unless careless use is established. The ZVK decides whether certain medical devices are given or provided on loan. Prior permission from the ZVK is required for the acquisition of a wheelchair.