Why to Halt?

The petty crimes for which youngsters are sent to Halt may be minor but all these offences together cause damage and lead to unrest in society. For instance, neighbourhood residents experience nuisance from vandalised waste containers, driving without a driving licence is dangerous to other road users and a shop owner suffers loss in the case of theft.

If these petty crimes are not handled appropriately, youth may get the impression that their actions are not that bad. Subsequently, things can easily go from bad to worse: a minor single offence becomes a regular pattern of transgressive behaviour. So it is important to stop juvenile crime at an early stage!

Halt is also important for the youth itself. By completing the Halt route successfully the youngster avoids the court system. This means that they do not get a criminal record. During the process they are also offered help in dealing with any problems that may cause their transgressive behaviour.