What is a Halt route?

The Halt route is an intervention appropriate to the youngster's offence. The entire process must be completed successfully to prevent a criminal record. What does this look like?

The interview

Halt calls your parent(s)/legal representative(s) and invites you over for an interview. You will discuss what has happened with a Halt employee. During this interview the Halt employee will also suggest a punishment.

Halt assignments

The purpose of the assignments is that you learn from your mistakes. The punishment will fit you and your crime and may comprise various components:

  • Learning assignment: you will make assignments and reports about your offence and behaviour. You will for instance learn to set boundaries, handle anger or peer pressure.
  • Apologies assignment: it is important that you understand the consequences of your behaviour and that the victim experiences satisfaction. Therefore you will visit the victim and offer them your apologies.
  • Work assignment: by doing unpaid work, you give back to society. You will for instance help with cleaning work or picking vegetables. The number of hours you will do this is specified by law.

Follow-up conversations

Perhaps you have made a mistake because you are dealing with problems. That is why you will also talk to the Halt mentor about your home situation, how things are at school and who your friends are. If required, Halt will bring you and your parents in contact with someone who can help you with these problems.

End of process

If you have successfully completed all components, you will have avoided the court system and thus will not get a criminal record.