What if I am a victim?

Have you become a victim of an offence committed by a youngster? Then you should make sure to report this to the police. Without a police record youth cannot be referred to Halt.

Apology conversation

Victims often suffer from the bad experience resulting from the offence. That is awful! Therefore, Halt finds it important that you are recompensed by the Halt route imposed on the youngster. An important component of the Halt process is the apology conversation. A Halt mentor and the youngster will visit you. This conversation gives you the opportunity to share your story and show the offender the consequences of their behaviour. The youngster will offer his or her apologies for what has been done to you. The apology conversation strongly contributes to the learning from one's mistakes element.

Prior to the conversation a Halt mentor will call you to ask if you are open to this this conversation. Although the apology conversation can be beneficial to both you and the juvenile, it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to engage in this conversation.