All minor children must be under authority of one or two parents. If parental authority cannot be exercised, a (temporary) guardian must be appointed. You can submit an application for temporary guardianship to the Guardianship Council CN.

A temporary guardian is required if young people go to live abroad for their studies temporarily or if the parent (s) leave the island for more than three months and wish to leave the child in the care of someone else. In the case of a child coming from abroad and someone on Bonaire, Saba or St. Eustatius is going to take care of the child, arranging (temporary) guardianship is also necessary.

A guardian or a temporary guardian is someone who takes over the responsibility, care and upbringing of the child from the parent(s). A temporary guardian can also perform official acts on behalf of the minor, such as signing important documents and managing finances.

If circumstances change and the parent (s) take care of the minor again, the temporary guardian will ask for restoration of parental authority.