Child protection

When there are problems within a family, the family may turn to assistance from people from their social network or from professional associations. Sometimes a child’s circumstances are so worrying that this assistance is not (no longer) enough. Then Caribbean Netherlands Youth Care CN Supervision can be called in.

If this authority considers submitting a request for an examination to the Guardianship Council during the counselling process, the Guardianship Council can examine with the counsellors involved whether the assistance provided is sufficient to dispel the threat to the child’s development.

The Guardianship Council looks at the best interests of the child. If actions and results are not sufficient, the Guardianship Council conducts an investigation. This examination may show that the child needs to be given compulsory assistance. Guardianship Council then asks the Court to impose a formal child protection measure. The most common measure is a family supervision order. A family guardian is assigned for this. The family is obliged to accept this assistance.