Trade Register

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry collects important information about companies and legal entities in the trade register. This means you can see exactly who you are dealing with, who is authorised to sign, and whether there may be a bankruptcy. The trade register gives entrepreneurs more certainty when doing business.

All companies and legal entities registered on the island in question or that have a branch there are registered in the trade register. The trade register also contains information about the nature of the company and about the owners of a company. The Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Caribbean Netherlands works with the same registration system.

Registration in the trade register is mandatory for anyone who has a company or, if it concerns the registration of a company belonging to a legal entity, for each of the directors of this legal entity. According to the BES Trade Register Act, making a deliberately incorrect or incomplete statement is a criminal offence. An annual fee is payable for registration in the trade register.

Anyone can view the trade register for a fee. The Chamber of Commerce will provide a copy of or an extract from the trade register upon request. The fees for this are set by law.