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Sustainability and affordability of energy in the Dutch Caribbean (NL)

Leaflet | 23-11-2017

Students - As a student, must I pay for my care abroad myself or does the ZVK pay for that?

The care provider can bill the ZVK directly. Both the bill and the 'proof of students' healthcare insurance' must be mailed to: ...

Frequently asked questions

Students - What happens if I need care while studying?

Are you studying abroad? Then you are entitled to reimbursement of the medical expenses. The reimbursement is capped at the price ...

Frequently asked questions

Care abroad - I am going abroad. Do I need to take out supplementary insurance?

When abroad, you are only insured for emergency assistance and reimbursement is maximised at the price level of the Dutch ...

Frequently asked questions

Care abroad - Can I receive care abroad as well with my healthcare insurance?

The healthcare insurance only reimburses care with serious illness, hospital admittance, or death. These cases involve emergency ...

Frequently asked questions

General - What do I do if I have immigrated recently to Bonaire?

First of all, it is important that you register with a general practitioner. Then you request a temporary healthcare insurance ...

Frequently asked questions

General - Do I have to pay the hospital or physician myself first?

The insured person himself/herself does not need to pay the contracted care providers anything in advance. Services by care ...

Frequently asked questions

General - Can I take out supplementary insurance?

No, supplementary insurance with the ZVK is not possible.

Frequently asked questions

General - For what can I visit the ZVK desk?

Registering with the ZVK Changing your general practitioner Changing your address Changing your bank (bank movement) Extending ...

Frequently asked questions

Medical referrals - My medical referral was longer/shorted than expected. Do I receive more/less daily reimbursement payments?

If your medical referral is longer than expected, you will receive daily reimbursement payments for a longer period. This will be ...

Frequently asked questions