Do you BBQ safely?

1 Do you BBQ safely?

2 BBQs are meant to be used outdoors. Even if rain threatens to ruin your party, leave the BBQ outside.

3 Placing a BBQ inside is extremely dangerous. The smoke from a BBQ contains a high concentration of carbon monoxide, which is toxic. If you BBQ inside, the toxic smoke can stay in the air and make you ill. In serious cases it can even kill you. So always leave your BBQ outside.

4 There are various types of barbecue: electric, gas and (compressed) charcoal. Whichever type you use, a barbecue can start a fire. Thankfully there are many things you can do yourself to prevent fire.

Tip 1: Place the BBQ at a safe distance from fences, hedges, (party) tents, garden furniture etc.

Tip 2: Don’t move the BBQ while it is hot.

Tip 3: Keep children and pets away from the BBQ.

Tip 4: It’s always a good idea to keep something you can use to put out fire close by, such as a bucket of sand or water.

Tip 5: To protect yourself against splashes and sparks, it’s better not to barbecue with a bare torso. Wear clothing that can’t easily catch fire.

Tip 6: Are you planning to BBQ on the beach? Then make sure you always use a BBQ rather than cooking in the sand.

Tip 7: Don’t throw the ash away too soon. The ash can still smoulder and cause fire, for example in a waste bin.

6 Use your BBQ safely. For more barbecue tips, check out