I was a victim of domestic violence but did not report it. Can I submit an application?

Yes, a report is not always necessary for a compensation payment from the Schadefonds. Schadefonds also accepts applications without (a copy of) a report. If you have not reported the matter, it must however be clear from other documents what has happened. This must contain enough information about the crime, the reason and the circumstances.

In the case of domestic violence, different parties are often aware of the situation and have information available which can support the statement by the victim.

The Schadefonds advises victims to provide as much information as possible.

For instance:

  • Notifications made to the police
  • Information from neighbourhood police/neighbourhood coordinators who are aware of the situation
  • Statements from psychologists or psychotherapists
  • Medical information from doctors or GPs
  • Information and investigations by the Guardianship Council, Youth Care and Family Supervision, Centre for Youth and Families or for instance the Care and Safety house.