Does the Schadefonds compensate for the damage that I suffer due to the loss of income from the deceased?

Schadefonds does not compensate for all the damage that you suffer as a result of the loss of the income from the deceased. However, a contribution is made towards the damage that has not been compensated for by for instance the perpetrator or an accident or life insurance. This is referred to as ‘loss of livelihood’.

With this contribution towards the damage, the Schadefonds hopes to help the surviving relative to be able to continue his or standard of living. It is important that you can prove the loss of livelihood.

Surviving relatives who can receive a compensation payment are:

  • the surviving (un)married partner
  • the minor children who were dependent (the deceased provided for them)
  • the adult children (from 18 to 20 years) who are in full-time studies which the deceased paid for (partly)

The amount of the compensation payment that is made for this purpose depends on:

  • the income of the deceased
  • the income of the surviving (un)married partner
  • the relation of the surviving relative to the deceased (so whether you were a partner or a dependent child), and
  • if the surviving relative is a dependent child: the age of the child

The amount of the compensation payment is between € 5,000 and € 25,000. You can read more about this in the policy bundle.