Does the Schadefonds also compensate for funeral costs?

Yes. The Schadefonds only gives a payment for funeral costs which have not been compensated for by for instance the perpetrator or a funeral insurance. There is a maximum compensation of € 7,500 for the funeral costs of the deceased victim, also if the costs are actually higher. It is important that you can show evidence of the funeral costs.

Funeral costs are all the costs that have been incurred for the funeral or cremation of the deceased victim, such as the costs for the funeral parlour, the coffee table and the gravestone or urn.

The extra costs that are incurred if the deceased is buried abroad also fall under the compensation payment. This could concern the costs for transferring the deceased abroad and the travel and accommodation costs of a maximum of two family members.

Schadefonds also compensates for travel and accommodation costs for a maximum of two family members of the deceased if they travel for the funeral to one of the other BES islands, the European Netherlands or abroad.