Speech Island Governer 28-04-2020

Dear fellow citizens,

As usual, I would like to start by listing the current figures for COVID-19. To date, a total of 230 have been tested: this resulted in 2 positive tests and 228 negative. The 2 persons who were tested positive, are cured. Currently, 96 persons are in quarantine, including the first group of returnees who, if all goes well, can go home next Friday.


Gezaghebber Edison Rijna

It is a fact that Bonaire has been spared: the Corona virus has not spread extensively on our island. Many people have worked hard to achieve this, both in the medical and other sectors. In addition, the behavior of most people has also contributed enormously to what has been achieved so far. For example, people who immediately kept to quarantine when told to do so. Two weeks without contact with other people and without being able to live a normal life, is not easy.

But all people on Bonaire have made this sacrifice. Together we all continued to join forces to protect ourselves and our family. Let us stick to the rules and let’s keep each other accountable to follow them.

Preparations are already being made to repatriate the second group of returnees to Bonaire. I will announce the exact date for this later. A request has also been made to the Minister of I & W to extend the closure of international air traffic until 15 May.

Given that no one has tested positive for the Coronavirus in recent days and this remains so, I can announce next Friday in what form the current emergency measures can be mitigated. This includes opening schools and sports facilities in a controlled and gradual manner.

In my speech last Friday, I called on all residents of Bonaire to celebrate the Day of Rincon in a family circle, taking into account the prescribed rules regarding social distance and no more than 50 people together.
Unfortunately, I heard that not everyone adhered to these rules last weekend. In the Rincon district, for example, many people were packed together.
Once again I make an urgent appeal to everyone.
Adhere to the rules to protect yourself and your family. Only if we adhere to the rules, also during the celebrations of this weekend, we can consider mitigating the emergency measures.

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