Food aid for the most vulnerable households

Local aid organizations and many volunteers in Bonaire currently provide food to approximately 680 households. This number is expected to increase further due to the corona crises. That is why the government offers extra support for the most vulnerable households, in addition to the emergency package with income provisions.


With the boundless efforts of local aid organizations and volunteers, emergency aid is offered to the most vulnerable households on Bonaire. Currently, around 680 households suffering from food shortages as a result of poverty, are supported. This concerns approximately 480 families with children and 200 households without children. In recent weeks, these households have received, among other things:

  • 400 hygiene packages with information material for low-literate persons
  • Monthly food package for all households in need, with basic supplies such as rice, pasta, oil, canned vegetables and sometimes fresh vegetables
  • Weekly breakfast package for families with children, who previously received this through school.
  • A hot meal at least once a week for the most urgent households, provided through many private initiatives and actions by restaurants.

The number of households that fall below the poverty line and are dependent on food aid is expected to increase further as a result of the corona crises. Therefore, in addition to the emergency package with income provisions, the government offers extra help to the most vulnerable households.

This assistance consists of financial support for the provision of food packages, so that all households in need receive a food package with basic supplies. In addition, OLB coordinates food distribution through all the different local relief initiatives and provides additional material support for households in need.

Households or persons who, despite the income schemes and support from their immediate environment, do not have enough money for food, can register for a food package at or 0800 - 1351 (free).

Nina den Heyer: “To get through this difficult time, we have to keep looking at each other. All forms of aid are essential. We stand together in these crisis. Even the most vulnerable people should be able to continue to eat. OLB wants to guarantee this together with the national government in addition to the income schemes and the unbridled deployment of volunteers and aid from all over the island. We work together to support these crisis. Together against corona! ”

Additional support for households in need

Households in need can qualify for support when paying fixed costs such as rent, WEB or internet bills. Parents with a school-going child without an internet connection at home are eligible for an internet connection. The necessary financial resources are transferred directly to the supplier.

People can register for a food package or support when paying rent, WEB or internet bill via or 0800 - 1351 (free). Please state your request for help, name, address and telephone number.