First phase of the repatriation starts on April 17th

The first plane with returnees lands on April 17th, 2020. The group consists of residents with a vital profession and residents whose medical treatment has been completed in the Netherlands. The group also includes a number of professionals, including professionals to strengthen the medical sector.

17 april

On the same day, there is also a plane from Colombia with residents whose treatment has been completed.

The entire group will be placed in mandatory quarantine, at a mandatory central  location. The group currently consists of 44 people.

This first group of returnees will determine the basis of the follow-up process. The progress of the centralized quarantine will be evaluated, also in the interim. In this way, the possible number of returnees will be evaluated  for the reception and care chain.

Despite the desire to repatriate quickly, no date can yet be given for the second group of returnees. It depends on the developments on the island. The virus is unpredictableand that makes it an uncertain time for everyone, in which sometimes rapid changes have to be made. In any case, the efforts of the EBT and the task force is fully aimed at the responsible repatriation of residents.