BCN with adapted measures Lock down Saba

The BelastingdienstCN would like to inform you about the measures that have currently been taken with regard to the Lock down on SABA. The tax office on Saba is closed until further notice. With regard to the Income Tax Return, ABB and LH, we want to work together to ensure that, if necessary, you can still file a return in the coming months.


Online Income Tax Return (IB) 2019

The IB 2019 return can be submitted online until May 18th , 2020 via Due to the Lock down on SABA it is quite conceivable that this will not work before this date. You will therefore automatically receive a postponement until August 18th , 2020. If you expect to receive a refund, please submit your declaration before May 18th , so that the declaration is completed by October at the latest.

Online declaration of general expenditure tax and payroll tax (ABB / LH)

The Belastingdienst Caribisch Nederland now also offers you the opportunity to submit your general expenditure tax (ABB / LH) declarations online. This means that you can submit your tax return electronically via

Help with online declaration

For help with filling in or other questions, please contact us at:  with your question, CRIB number, name and telephone number and you will be contacted as soon as possible. You can also reach us during the Lock down via our telephone number +599 7158585 (Bonaire). We will help you further.

However, if you are unable to file the tax return online, you can find the forms at Given the situation and developments at the moment, it is uncertain when you can hand in your tax return and other documents again at the desk of the Belastingdienst on Saba, risking late submission.