I am an independent entrepreneur

As an independent entrepreneur, am I also eligible for this regulation?
As a self-employed person, you can apply for temporary support if you have less income because of the coronavirus and meet the following conditions:

  • You normally spend at least 24 hours a week on your business.
  • You alone or together with others have full control of the company and bear the financial risks of the company.
  • Both your company and yourself are established in the Caribbean Netherlands.
  • Your company was registered with a Chamber of Commerce in the Caribbean Netherlands before March 13th, 2020.
  • Your total income is less than $ 761 per month for Bonaire, $ 919 per month for St. Eustatius or $ 907 per month for Saba.

How long can I continue to use this regulation?
The emergency regulation has been extended up to and including the 12th of July 2021. You should make efforts to reduce usage of this arrangement.

What changes for me as an independent entrepreneur in the third phase?
- A new application can be processed retroactively with a maximum of four weeks.
- Your right to the arrangement expires if you stay outside the Caribbean Netherlands for a total of four weeks or more during the term of the regulation.
- The emphasis is on reduction of usage of the arrangement. You are expected to make efforts to (further) build up your income in the current situation.

I already make use of the emergency regulation. Do I have to do anything to make use of the new extension?
No, you do not have to do anything to continue to use the emergency regulation.

What should I do if my situation changes?
If your situation changes, you are obliged to report this to the RCN unit

Can I be eligible if I am not registered with the Chamber of Commerce?
In exceptional cases it is now possible to qualify without registration with the Chamber of Commerce. This may be the case, for example, for taxi drivers or fishermen. It must be established however that the applicant is an actual entrepreneur. That is why SZW will inquire in these situations whether the self-employed person is known to the tax office.

Does it matter what legal form my company has?
No. For this emergency regulation, an independent entrepreneur is considered  a person who alone or together with others has full control of a company and bears the financial risks of the company.

This may  be someone with a sole proprietorship (‘Eenmanszaak, EZ’). But also a director and major shareholder (‘directeur groot-aandeelhouder, DGA’) of a private company (BV) or a limited liability company (NV) can make a claim on the regulation if the BV or NV is not capable of paying out the salary of the DGA.

How much is the support?
If granted, your total income will be topped up to $ 761 per month on Bonaire, $ 919 per month on St. Eustatius, or $ 907 per month on Saba. This is eighty percent of the statutory minimum wage. It is not important for this regulation what your income was before the coronavirus was present.

I have not used the emergency regulation before. How can I submit a request?
In connection with social distancing, we request everyone to apply digitally. We must put the health of you and our employees first.

You can complete the application form for entrepreneurs, sign it and e-mail it to noodregelingszw@rijksdienstcn.com. Don’t forget to attach a copy of your valid identification document.

If you need help filling in your application, you can contact the Chamber of Commerce (on Bonaire) via the e-mail address steunloket@kvkbonaire.com.

When will the allowance be paid?
If your application is granted, the RCN unit SZW will pay the allowance monthly. The legal payment term to receive the first payment is a maximum of five weeks. The RCN unit SZW strives for a more prompt payment.

Until when can I submit an application?
For the period from the 13th of June through the 12th of October 2020 you can submit an application up to and including the 12th of  November 2020. For the period from the 13th of October 2020 through the 12th of July 2021 you can submit an application during the term of the arrangement. Please note that no subsidy will be granted more than four weeks retroactively.