Fixed household expenses

What should I do if I no longer have income?

The consequences of the measures in connection with coronavirus are profound for many of us. To prevent employers from having to dismiss employees, there is a temporary emergency regulation for employers on Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. They can receive a contribution towards the labour costs so they do not need to dismiss people. On-call workers with a zero-hour contract or temporary employees can also be placed under the regulation by their employer. Independent entrepreneurs or people who no longer have an employer in connection with coronavirus can also apply for the emergency regulation of SZW. On this website you can find more information per target group. You can also find the registration forms as well as answers to frequently asked questions there.

What should I do if due to the coronavirus crisis my income is not enough to pay my fixed costs?

If, despite the subsidy scheme of SZW, your income is not enough to cover your fixed costs then you may qualify for tangible or intangible support. To submit an application you can send an email to:

What does the (in)tangible support entail?

The (in)tangible support implies that financial support can be offered for the payment of the rent, WEB or internet bills. The resources are paid directly to the supplier. You do not receive the funds yourself. The aid may also consist of food packages. Parents with a child in school without an internet connection at home, are eligible for an internet connection.

What should I do to apply for support?

To submit an application, send an email to You should in any case include your request for support, your name, address and your telephone number in it. 

What happens after I have sent an email?

You receive a confirmation of receipt. Your email will then be processed and you will be contacted by telephone to do an intake in order to receive more information about your specific situation. During this intake it may be requested to send a number of documents. When your dossier is complete, it will be assessed. After the assessment you will be informed by means of a decision whether your application was honoured.  

How is the application assessed?

It is examined whether the costs are necessary and derive from special circumstances and whether there is not another provision that covers this. In addition, it is examined whether the income of the applicant is lower than a certain threshold.