Compensation EZK

PLEASE NOTE: You can no longer submit an application for the second compensation from EZK. Soon you will find more information on this page about the upcoming third compensation.

If you were hit by the corona crisis as an entrepreneur in the Caribbean Netherlands, you could be eligible for a second compensation for your fixed costs from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (Economische Zaken en Klimaat, EZK). This regarded a new regulation whereby the compensation couldĀ range between $500 and $55,000. The amount of the compensation was calculated on the basis of your revenue during the months of March through June 2019 compared to the revenue during the months of March through June 2020.

By clicking on this link you will be directed to the page with:
- all eligibility conditions;
- the calculation module for an indication on the amount that you may be entitled to;
- the application form for the compensation.

If according to the calculation module you are entitled to $6,000 or more, then you must also include a statement, which can be found on page 3 of the application form. The statement must be completed by someone other than the applicant for this compensation. This could be your bookkeeper or accountant for example. The person who signs, is jointly responsible for the provided figures.