Covid Drive-Thru

Do you have complaints like  a slightly raised temperature, coughing, starting cough or an unpleasant tingle  in your throat?  Then you can make an appointment for a test at the COVID drive-thru.

Public HealthDepartment of the OLB starts, in association with Fundashon Mariadal testing by means of a 'COVID drive-thru'. Thus far tests were only taken from the patient at home, but with this new method Bonaire now wants to test as many people as possible with as little exposure of residents and medical staff as possible. The introduction of the drive-thru is in line with the plan to actively look for coronavirus in order to obtain clarity whether or not the virus is present on Bonaire.

From the 13th until the 19th of May you can call 715-8900 ext 1528

From the 13th until the 18th of May you can call 715-8900 with extension number 1528 during office hours and on May 19th you can call until noon. The nurse then asks a number of questions and schedules an appointment when the person can report at the test location. The test hours are daily from 16:00 to 18:00 o’clock, only by appointment. This applies to both adults and children. Should it become apparent during the telephone conversation that the suspicion of COVID-19 is very strong then the patent shall receive separate instructions.

How does the COVID drive-thru work?

A large tent is set up where the tests can be taken while people stay in their car. The entrance to the drive-thru is at the Kaya Soeur Bartola, behind the playground. The tent is located further ahead at the car park. When you drive into the tent, an employee takes a swab. This is done by swabbing a cotton swab through the throat and nose of the patient. A second employee registers your personal and other data. The tested people then receive a folder about how and when they shall receive the test result. A maximum of two people per car can be tested.