Nature projects

In February 2013, the Central Government promised a one-off sum of €7.5 million for nature projects in the Caribbean Netherlands, which are necessary to make up for overdue maintenance of the nature in the short term. 

To this end, a ‘Special Nature funding’ scheme was instituted. Under this scheme, the Public Entity of each of the islands was able to submit concrete projects up to 2016, with a duration until 2019 at the latest. The projects had to be for the following themes:

  • Preservation of coral, in particular by erosion prevention
  • Sustainable use of the nature, for example by improving access to nature reserves and/or
  • Improving the synergy between the nature, land use (agriculture) and tourism

The projects proposed by the Public Entities were assessed by an independent committee. A total of 23 projects were approved, ten on Bonaire, six on St. Eustatius and seven on Saba. 

On Bonaire:

  1. Removal of goats from the Washington/Slagbaai Park
  2. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
  3. Presenting Bonaire National Marine Park as World Heritage 
  4. Removal of wild boar
  5. Reforestation
  6. Ecological recovery from Lac
  7. Coral restoration
  8. Erosion control and nature restoration
  9. Caves and Karst nature park
  10. Overarching communication nature campaign

On St. Eustatius:

  1. Strengthening nature management organisation Stenapa
  2. Dealing with stray livestock
  3. Increasing awareness of the nature
  4. Measures against erosion
  5. Rat control 
  6. Coral restoration

On Saba:

  1. Improvement of hiking trails Mount Scenery
  2. Dealing with stray goats
  3. Securing Tent Reef
  4. Local food production
  5. National park Mount Scenery and north-east Saba
  6. Recovery of Crispeen Trail
  7. Improving mooring buoys for yachts