Integrated management plan for marine biodiversity and fisheries

A management plan has been drawn up in consultation with all the islands for the management of fishing and marine biodiversity in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and the territorial sea (TS) around the islands. 

The countries of the Kingdom are connected to each other in the EEZ. The sustainable management of this area must take place in coordination. The management plan allows joint policy to be developed and implemented to protect the marine animals and plants and the associated ecosystem. A joint management agreement has already been signed by the three Island Councils, the Netherlands and Curaçao. The expectation is that St. Maarten and Aruba will also join in the short term. 

Important elements in the management plan are the protection of the Saba Bank, protection of whales, dolphins and sharks in the Yarari Reserve and good management of the coastal waters around the islands. 

An EEZ Committee has been set up for the implementation of the management plan, in which all participants have a seat. In principle, this Committee meets twice a year.