Management of maritime biodiversity

The Caribbean Netherlands consists of three small islands but also includes a large sea area totalling 25,000 km2, the so-called 'Exclusive Economic Zone' (EEZ). Together with the EEZ around Curaçao, Aruba, and St. Maarten, this area forms the EEZ of the Kingdom in the Caribbean Sea. The EEZ of the Caribbean Netherlands is designated as the Yarari Reserve for marine mammals, sharks, and stingrays. In addition, the EEZ around the windward islands of the Caribbean Netherlands is home to the Saba Bank, an area with an important role for marine biodiversity in the Caribbean.

For the purpose of sustainable management of the EEZ, coordination takes place between the islands and countries of the Kingdom. To this end, an agreement was signed by the various governments (with the exception of Aruba) aimed at the management of the marine biodiversity and fisheries in the EEZ and territorial sea around the islands. In accordance with this agreement, a management plan was developed. For the implementation and monitoring of the management plan, an EEZ Committee was set up in which all governments involved have a seat.